Something to pray about

I love this life. It’s not easy but it’s so worth while. We get to minister and love on people in neighboring villages, in our community, and in our own yard even. We know God has called us specifically and purposefully to be here in Sierra Leone. We have been amazed at how He constantly meets us in our needs through answered prayers.

Now we need help. I hate this part of the journey but it’s something God is working on me about. The asking. We ask and He moves. We do not have enough monthly support. We came here in faith that God would send us more supporters, knowing we lacked the day we left.

Today we have a small community of givers who sacrifice for us to be here. They pour into us in gifts and prayers. We want to be transparent. Their monthly gifts combined total $1,500.

Our monthly expenses come in at $2,200. God has always provided just enough to help us make it through. We really need more givers, though. No amount is too small. It all is used wisely. We have rent to pay, food to buy, and cab fare to come up with. We pay for internet each month and medications to keep us from getting malaria. We also have to pay our guards each month, which may seem like an unnecessary expense, but without them we are at a risk of being robbed. Admittedly, we have not been praying rent thus far in order to be able to meet our other expenses, but it will be due come June.

I hate this stuff and I imagine you hate reading it. But I ask you to please consider becoming a donor. If you can give any amount it will be used wisely I assure you. Nothing is too small. God can use many hands to meet the need. If you simply can’t give then pray for us, please. We believe God will answer those prayers and send us donors. He provides every time.

If you currently give, we want to make sure you know that it matters. Each gift is thanked for specifically and sincerely. Each time you remember us and give so selflessly we are blessed by you and we know we simply could not be here without you. Your sacrifice is doing things for God, I assure you. Thank you, thank you!

Thank you all for your time to hear this need and pray about helping. May God bless you!

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