More about our kids!

Hope Orphan Home  is not very big in terms of kids. We are currently at 17 children- 9 boys and 8 girls. However, a great blessing of that is nobody gets lots in the “shuffle”. Everyone has their birthday celebrated with cake and a present, and gets extra gifts at Christmas.  Each ones likes and dislikes, joys and sorrows, and strengths and weaknesses are known and cared about. There’s value in both a BIG center full of kids who are in great need,  and a smaller one with more intimate relationships. Since we have been on this journey, we only tackle what we can financially manage- and even then it’s tight at times. Thanks to our wonderful Director of Partnerships, Chance, anyone who supports Hope Orphan Home with a monthly gift gets a regular update on the kids and some of the happenings. However, there are so many of you who have committed to pray for and give in different ways and we don’t want to exclude you or make you feel as though you aren’t valued. Of course, we always need more donors (college is coming up for some and we have lots of needed improvements in the homes themselves)  but there’s NOTHING as important as prayer. I was encouraged to share some individual pictures and information on the kids we are blessed to care for and felt this might be the best platform. Now you pray even more intimately for these beautiful kids we get to love and serve. So, here are our wonderful kiddos-



This is Samuel. He is 5 and his birthday is February 2nd. He loves anything with wheels 😉 He is also fairly ornery and forgets his size/ age  a lot! This is his first time attending school!


This is Fatmata.  She is 8 and her birthday is January 1st. FA loves playing dolls and giggling. Her laugh is contagious.


This is Gibril. His nickname is Gibu (gee-boo) He is 9 and his birthday is May 1st. Gibu likes to read books and kick the soccer ball around.



This is Idridda.  His nickname is ID (eeh- dee) and his birthday is April 12. He’s 9, too. ID likes to ride bikes and dance. He’s shy at first but once he warms up, he’s a ham!


Thus is Juliana. Julie’s birthday is June 28th and she is 12. She likes to play any sport there is and loves to help in the kitchen. Cleaning fish is one of her favorite things to assist with.



This is Mariama. We call her Ya Marie- which is like “young Mariama”. Ya Marie is 12 and her birthday is June 13. She likes to go to the market with the aunties and watch movies.



This is Santigie. He is 13 and his birthday is April 1st. Santigie loves the color Red and he likes to talk- too much 😉 He’s also very outgoing!


This is John. His birthday is April 15th and he’s 14. John loves to go swimming and likes to help dad (Tyler) do any kind of work.


This is Ishmael. His birthday is also April 15th and he is 14, too. Ishmael wants to fly planes when he gets bigger and he loves to take stuff apart and put it back together. He’s so curious.


This is Mabinty. She is 15 and her birthday is August 16th. Mabinty is GREAT at math and she loves to watch movies and chit chat. She’s the loudest kiddo for sure!


This is Musa. Musa is 15 and his birthday is March 18th. Musa loves the color Blue and he is very shy. He enjoys school the most of the kids and works very hard.



This is Isatu- but we call her Isha. She is 15 and her birthday is February 11th.  Isha loves yellow and she’s a wonderful big sister. She has a heart for animals and will often take in strays she finds… much to our surprise sometimes! haha


This is Lahai. Lahai is 15 and his birthday is June 9th. Lahai is very bright- always getting the best marks on his papers. He also loves to play soccer and teach the younger kids.


This is Konnah  she is 15 and her birthday is October 20th. Konnah has the best smile and likes going on outings most. she is very shy and sweet. She wants to be a flight attendant one day.








This is Fatmata. FA is 15 and her birthday is June 6th  FA wants to be a banker when she grows up. She loves fashion and music and is very pensive.



This is Alpha. Alpha is 16 and his birthday is January 10th. Alpha loves to play goalie in soccer and also loves fixing things. He wants to do construction work when he grows up.


This is Martha. She is 17 and her birthday is June 8th. Martha is preparing to go to college and wants to be a nurse. She has a beautiful voice that matches her personality.

we hope you feel like you know our kids a bit more. Please keep praying for them all and if you would like to give a donation, please email us by contacting chance HERE OR, you can give a donation by clicking RIGHT HERE and selecting “Hope Orphan Home” from the drop down menu. We appreciate it and 100% of your donation goes directly to the needs of the kids. Thank you SO much. May God bless you all!

One thought on “More about our kids!

  1. Thank you sooo much! I really appreciate the pictures and update. Missing all the kiddos and you guys. We really appreciate your ministry there. Love and prayers. Mary Hymbaugh

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