Hey everyone!! It has been such a long time. Working three full time jobs has not left a lot of time for blogging. SO much has happened in the past year plus, we felt we better jump on here and get you guys up to speed!

So far, we have been on the ground in Sierra Leone for 3 and a half years! It will be 4 years in November 2019. We have learned so much, and we will forever be students in a country and culture that is not our own, but that we hold in hearts dearly.

Our family has grown, in non conventional ways- in ways that God alone can do. Sarah is the Country Director for Hope Orphan Home, which was formerly Lifegate Children’s Home. In 2019, the U.S. Board made the decision to separate the orphanage from the other parts of the ministry, and let it operate as its own entity. This allows us to focus even more on the kids, the future, the fundraising, and the plan God has designed for it. Today, we have 17 kids, 5 caregivers, a Home Manager, 2 security guards, 3 tutors, a nurse, and myself (Sarah) working tirelessly on the ground in Sierra Leone to keep things running. Its a huge job, but it is the MOST rewarding, greatest thing I have been able to be part of. Here is a photo of all our kids and most of our staff on a trip to the beach for Easter 2019.


We absolutely love all our kiddos at HOH, and we are so excited to see what God does with their lives.

Tyler has also been working very hard as the Shop Manager for Water4ever, an organization dedicated to providing clean drinking water to remote places that would not have access to it otherwise. Tyler was longing to put his skills to good use, and when the opportunity met him to help, he was so excited. Ty serves water4ever by building metal kiosks that are used as water distribution sites. Here, the first two buildings Tyler made (and you can see our oldest son Connor inside, ready to give clean drinking water) and the last photo is a picture of the system set up- There is a building placed and above it, tanks and solar panels to operate the system. The Water4Ever team drills a well, and from there they pump it into the tanks, filters it and makes sure its purified, and then it is emptied into tanks inside the building at the bottom for distribution.

In the process of Tyler’s new gig, he has been able to experience Sierra Leone emergency rooms and get some stitches in his hand… Not his favorite experience. Thankfully, God absolutely saved his hand.

We both love the work we get to do here, but there’s also fun things happening at home too. The boys are trucking away with homeschool, and they have been able to participate in a scouts program we are doing with some other missionaries. There has been fun camping trips, project building, and lots of play time. Here they are with their buddies!


We are blessed with some great friends here who are serving in different ways and areas. There’s so much work to do here!

There’s a new Tyler in town… Ty’s name-sake. Foday, our security guard who is truly family, had a baby boy in September 2018. Little Tyler is ridiculously cute and growing so much. The first photos are from baby Tyler’s naming ceremony. His mom Eveet and dad Foday are super proud.

Of Course, as I talk about our ever growing family, I can’t forget to mention the pets. We have 3 dogs, a crocodile, and we recently have had a chameleon and a kitten we kept for a while. I said no to the snake..’cause I have to draw the line. We also were offered another monkey recently, but past experience led me to decline.

So, basically, we are still in Sierra Leone. We are still INSANE, and we are still completely in love with the people God has called us to serve. Please keep us in your prayers, and the ones we are doing life with. If you want to know more, or have any questions please feel free to email us HERE or HERE. Thanks again for loving us and keeping up on all the things happening with our ever growing family 😉

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