Lately our pace has gotten into a groove that is more fitted to the lifestyle here. This country and the people who call it home care much more about relationships. The pace is slow. Life happens. When your life is a daily struggle, you tend to focus more on the people you do life with. The American definition of success doesn’t exist here. We have learned just how much of a gift each day is. We spend time with The Lord and we focus on what God has given us each day. More so, who God has given us. We have been blessed with relationships and we are nurturing those. That’s why we are here. You’ve likely heard the phrase “I don’t want a religion, I want a relationship”. We have very little impact in sharing the Gospel if we don’t practice what we preach. We have been really trying to cultivate these wonderful relationships we are given into friendships that lead to testimonies.

We have spent a lot of time with our guard, Foday. He’s in our daily life. He’s also a Muslim. Devout in fact. And he’s also the sweetest guy. Yesterday I caught him washing Sullis dirty feet with care after Sulli jumped in some muddy water. This guy is a sweetheart. Ty recently gave Foday a bible. He’s promised to read it. We feed Foday every day and do other things for him that I won’t say because it’s not about that. My hope is that these daily interactions will turn into a relationship between him and Christ. Please pray with us.

Another relationship we have been blessed with is the one we have with our driver, Allucine. He has gone into church with us the last two weeks and said it blessed him so much. He’s very kind and we have loved getting to know him. We know he has had some struggles and hardships and we pray that he will continue his walk with God.

allusine fambul

My favorite relationship is the one we have with 10 boys and girls. The lifegate orphanage kids. We see them throughout the the week and get to share life with them. I’ve started doing art projects with them. This week they made masks. It’s so much fun to see their personalities come out. These are the sweetest, most loving, most amazing kids. They started another semester of school and I ask that you pray for them. Please also pray for the older girls, as Paula and I are going to start a bible study focused on traits of a Godly woman with them. I am so excited to continue cultivating the relationship we have with these girls. In other news with the kids, Ty brought binoculars up on Saturday. They had never been able to see anything like that before. The shrieks and giggles were amazing! It’s such a joy to experience new things through their eyes.

we have also loved the relationship we share with the members of our church here in Salone. lifegate church in Briggitte village has given us a chance to worship and be encouraged with other believers. With Rick’s successful work to share bible stories on the radio, people all over Salone are hearing about Jesus. Please pray for God to grow this church as He sees fit!


Our relationship as a family continues to grow as well. We have time every morning to pray and study the bible together. We have more time to be together. We get to serve The Lord as a family.

Thank you for your support and prayers. It’s not an easy life but we often say “we can’t believe its ours” because it’s such an amazing one. We couldn’t do this without you all.

One thought on “Relationships

  1. Outstanding!! How exciting to see what Jesus has done for, with and through you guys!! What a ride!! Dad and I pray for you to continue to build relationships and sow seed. May we follow your lead here. We lift you in prayer for peace and comfort in Him, for His strength for you to do His work and for the desire to love more and more of His people. We love and miss you guys!

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