Heres your sign

We have been doing really well! We love to keep you all in the loop with us and wanted to check in, so to speak 🙂 The boys are doing amazing with their schooling. We took tests yesterday- we do every Friday. They got As on everything. I am super proud of them. Sullivan has loved to learn lately. Its a blessing because for the longest time he would fight me so much. Today, he knows all his letters and can write over 12 of them! He is daily impressing us. Finn has taken a liking to climbing the mango tree in our yard. He recently hung a hammock at the bottom with some help from Ty.  For when he’s on the ground ;). Connor has been drawing a lot. He has also been reading through his bible all by himself. He has the action bible that he really likes to read with the comic book style. He’s just gotten in the new testament. I often peak in after they’ve gone to bed and found him and his brothers still reading with their bedside lights. Its a blessing all of our boys are so interested in books.


There was a conference at church recently when Pastor Dwight Haymon from the Lifegate church in Georgia came to Brigitte Village, along with their church music minister Alex. It was awesome to see the church so full with people and praise! I took some pics before it began with the kids but once it was full of people I forgot to take any of the congregation. There were people standing outside even! Dwight brought the message that we can all be connected with The Holy Spirit through constant prayer and thought. It was wonderful to see how people received the message. Please continue to pray as it sparked a spirit of revival and prayer for the whole community!


Ty has been working on the signs for the orphanage and the church to place along side the road. This will help people locate them better. It started with some sheets of metal and metal poles. Ty welded them and painted them. It was a labor but they look really good (if Im allowed to brag on his handy work). Now my catchy title makes sense, right? Please Don’t unsubscribe. Cheese is over. Now Ty is working on a table and chairs for the kids. He prefers to work with wood and he’s excited for this new project!

The kids in the orphanage are doing well, Praise God! They have been working hard at school now that they’re back to the swing of things after Christmas break. I was sad a little that they’re back because on Wednesdays I don’t get to see them as much. They often have to stay back extra time for tutoring and such. Baby Junior, Musa and Jeriatu’s baby, is growing like a weed! He was born the week we came so we joke that he will be our measuring stick for how long we’ve lived in Africa. He has a fabulous smile already! All the kids have grown to love him as a brother, just as they do with one another. They are such a wonderful, happy family. Being with those kids is my favorite thing about life here.


The boys and Foday have had fun with a pvc and wood bow with sticks for arrows. Ty and Foday built it for fun, and Foday and the boys “hunt” lizards and chickens in the compound. Nothing is ever harmed, because its a stick and all 4 of them couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, and its absolutely hilarious to watch.


I recently went to the preschool to visit the kids. They are such a precious bunch. Since life gate will soon have 3 schools it is overseeing I have really wanted to teach art to the kids a couple times a month. I would work with them on a project that is bible based. Please pray for this idea to come to fruition as it would be such a cool experience!


In other news from around the world, we have a new nephew! My sister Emily had him on January 25th. His name is Barrett Douglas and he’s a doll. I can’t hold him and that is hard but I did get to video call him. We had an intense conversation about politics and such. He was enamored clearly. We actually praise God for little Bear and the blessing he is to our family.


In a major praise we posted last week that we needed another $500 each month. We were contacted by a few of you amazing readers and we were blessed with $250 of that need in monthly contributions! Thank you all for your prayers and your help!

We pray God blesses you. We so appreciate your love and prayers for our family. Thanks for your support and for reading!




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