About Us

It has been amazing to see so many people come view our blog. Many of  you know us, and may even be obligated to read our blog ( Hi mom!) but humbling as it is, some of you are reading because you’re interested in God’s call upon our little family. I would love to introduce ourselves to you in a bit more detail. We also just want to say thank you and tell you how much we love and appreciate you all.

family photo Tyler is a Welder, a woodworker, and awesome Mr. Fixit. He grew up in a tiny town with a population of 100. Like, SMALL. He has a younger brother, Clayton, who recently married wonderful girl named Meghan. His parents, Tom and Cathy, have been married for nearly 40 years! Ty and I met when we were 14 and 15, on new years eve of the 1999-2000 year. We were waiting for Y2K to hit when God spoke to my sweetheart for the first time and told him I was The One. Thank you, God! The second time God spoke to Tyler was in Sierra Leone on his first trip when he said “This is your home”. When Tyler was a kid he would watch his grandpa work over in the shop by his house and he was taught amazing work ethic even then. I can say without any bias that he is diligent and proficient in all tasks. Ty got really skilled at welding before our move to Sierra Leone and now he serves Hope Orphan Home as the Project Manager.  He loves what he does and he is able to help not only the kids of HOH, but our community as well. Tyler loves God first and most and tries to daily live a life that brings our Father glory. He is a large part of why I am a Christian today.


I (Sarah) am a wife and mom. Its my joy. . I grew up all over small towns in Illinois. My parents divorced when I was 5 but I am blessed with wonderful step parents because of it. I have an older sister, Emily who is married and has two sons. I also have a younger brother, Adam. I was taken to church as a little girl and loved to sit next to my grandma and draw pictures, but began a real relationship with Christ at age 14 out of a need to know something was bigger than this life. I was baptized at age 19 and married Tyler a week before my 20th birthday. I have always loved children and wanted to work with them but did not know what that would look like.  Today, I serve as Director for Hope Orphan Home in Sierra Leone, which means I keep us legal and all the paperwork up to date, and I am a mom- to 22 kids total! (19 kids at HOH and our 3 biological boys). I currently have 12 teenagers and I appreciate PRAYERS! haha. Its really amazing that God is giving me a chance at my dreams to help children through the call to Africa. . Daily I want to serve God in all aspects of my life. I am blessed beyond measure by Him!

boys best pic all 3

Our oldest son is Connor. He is laid back and easy going. He is super attentive to his brothers and is always helping others. He has a servant’s heart. He reminds me a lot of Tyler. He loves to read and wants to learn as much as he can about everything, especially how things work. His favorite food is meatball subs, his favorite colors are dark blue and brown. When he grows up he wants to be a video game designer or join the army. He loves going up to the orphanage with me and he is constantly with the little ones in his arms or rough housing with the older boys.

Finnigan is our middle boy. He is the comedian in the family. He is small and spunky, and a little ornery. He likes to tell jokes, he is great at math, and he loves to cuddle. He is also crazy about super heroes! His favorite food is Cheeseburgers and his favorite color is purple. When he grows up he wants to be an engineer. His best friend is our son John who lives at Hope Orphan Home, and his favorite superhero is Wolverine.

Our youngest son is Sullivan, but we call him Sulli. He has quite the story though. Sullivan has autism and has had feeding issues since birth. He had a feeding tube placed when he was 10 months old. There was a time when Ty and I did not think he would live to see age one. We prayed constantly for God to help and bless our son. Today he eats everything. He also talks constantly where as once upon a time, couldn’t say a word. He is full of energy, loves going to the beach here in Salone, and loves ALL animals, which is good as we have 3 dogs, a crocodile, and constantly are acquiring new pets.

I hope you now feel you know our family a little more. We are blessed by you all through your prayers and financial gifts. We know our family is called here to Sierra Leone, but we could not be here without amazing people like you. May God bless you all!

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