God Provides

God has continually provided on this journey. We have been led to trust Him in all things because He’s shown He is worthy of our trust.

When we were first called to Sierra Leone in 2011, Tyler decided to go and see what God was working on him about. In thirteen days he raised the needed $2,000!

When we felt this really was where God called us  we were worried because of our sons health issues. God healed them completely. Connor no longer has asthma, Finnigan no longer has a growth hormone deficiency, and Sullivan doesn’t need a feeding tube anymore.

When I was conflicted in what my worries said and my spirit convicted me to do, I made a trip in 2013 where God provided for all my concerns. I met a great doctor for our boys and a pharmacist who could get us any medication we needed. I went to a grocery store that sold some of the american food we were used to, and best of all, I felt closer to God than ever before. God spoke to Ty on his first trip, audibly saying to him “this is your home”. On my trip, God shook me to my core and I know deep within that this is the right step for our family.

God blessed us with donors to meet all our needs in getting a shipping container and filling it with items for running water, electricity, and comforts of home.

In July 2014 we wondered why God hadn’t provided us with the money we needed to leave as we had hoped. Then the Ebola outbreak wrecked Sierra Leone, and God kept us safe in America.

A couple weeks ago, we shipped our container off to port in Africa. We did it in faith and trusted God to provide where we lacked. It was such an amazing, surreal experience to watch the container we have prayed over leave finally. It is expected to arrive September 13th.

Two days ago an amazing friend sent us a check for Seven Thousand dollars.


We can now say we will leave for Sierra Leone, Africa on October 27th, where the real work will begin.

Thank you all  for answering your call,  so we can answer ours.

God is So Good!

We love you all.

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