Tyler is headed to Africa!

So you may be wondering why only 1/5th of our family is headed to Sierra Leone.

Ty and his dad Tom are on their way now to Africa for two weeks to get our house ready to live in. They are doing wiring, plumbing, and handy man jobs that need to be done. Our youngest son has autism and it will help him so much to go home to a house that has all his familiar things in it waiting for him. It will help us all, honestly.


Tyler and Tom before heading through security


Our family in the airport. A bitter sweet departing


Ty and the boys

Tyler and Tom are in Paris, France right now and will arrive in Freetown, Sierra Leone on the 3rd of October. They will return home on the 18th. After that, the 5 of us will leave mid-November. It is so surreal to be on this side of things. We know the work will really begin when we arrive. Its amazing to see how far God has brought our family through it all. Every delay, and struggle, and prayer has brought us here. We are so excited.

We have a few prayer requests please:

Please pray for Ty and Tom. Pray for their safety. Pray for the things their hands touch to be blessed and for smooth, hassle free work.

Pray for the boys and I as well as my mother in law Cathy as we miss our guys.

We plan to have an open house Saturday, October 24th. I will update details later. Please keep the date opened so we can see you and say bye. Thanks for all your support and love!

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