There it goes….

The container has left!!! You guys!! You have no idea how excited I am to write this blog post. So many cool things have happened. And a few not too cool things. But lets start with the good news! OUR CONTAINER HAS SHIPPED!!! It left our hometown of Athens on July 31st. It will arrive in New York port by train on the 6th of August. From there it will travel to port in Sierra Leone and arrive about September 13th. It was such an emotional high to watch the crane lower the container onto the truck! Here are some pictures! _MG_0024-2Chessie's pool Our Family in front of the container before it leaves _MG_0058Chessie's pool Heres the crane lowering the container onto the semi _MG_0033Chessie's pool A quick photo of them lifting it up! _MG_0246Chessie's pool A shot of us with Tylers parents and grandparents It was a huge blessing to watch the container drive away. Its been a lot of prayers, tears, frustration and celebration. This part of the journey is over! Now heres the difficult news. The fees for the crane were a significant amount more than expected. This caused us to cut into the savings for getting it out of port in Africa.  We also had to buy some items for the house in Sierra Leone we had not planned for in the way of plumbing and electrical. With Tyler working we can make up some of the difference. In fact, we’ve moved into his parents house while we wait to leave to help save up more funds. However, after all that, we still lack $3,000 to get the container out of port and into our back yard. The longer it waits in port the more expensive it becomes. After that we need $4,500 more for plane tickets. We currently need help most with getting the container from port in Sierra Leone and to our home in Africa. We are tired of asking (we are truly sorry we need to), but we know if we make the need known God will provide. We have just over a month to come up with the $3,000 we lack. I have created a go fund me page to help meet this goal and would ask that you give any amount you can. Many givers can meet the need. Here is the link:  Our GO FUND Me Page Please pray for the safe arrival of our container in port. Please be praying for our family as we get closer to leaving in October. We are so grateful to be on this side of things. Soon we will be giving you updates from Sierra Leone! Love, thankfulness, and prayers for you all! The Millers

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