Wow!! What a day God had in store for us!!

The chaos started early.  Our very good friend Amy Denny, has some pretty awesome connections.  Today she sent out a press release to several different organizations.  One of them being a local television news channel, WAND channel 17.  We got a call from an anchor form WAND and we were told that they wanted to interview us!  So, about 30 minutes later we were knee deep in an interview!  The anchor’s name was Ed Cross and he was an amazing, Godly man.  We were able to pray with him and get to know him a bit too!  It was totally a God thing.  Sarah and I were interviewed about all we were planning on doing in Sierra Leone.  WE WERE SO NERVOUS but we really feel that God gave us the words to say and we hope we can be an inspiration to others.  God has called us so we will answer that call!  Thank you all for your support and love!

You can watch the 6:00 news here where we are highlighted in the beginning!

This link is a Web Exclusive from them here.

We are excited beyond words and cannot wait to get there!  Please don’t forget about our fundraiser on July 11th!!

God bless you and keep you safe!

Ty and Sarah


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