Africa or Bust!

I am so excited to be writing this blog post!

I must admit I am also embarrassed. In February we challenged you all to come along side us and support us in shipping our container and here we are in June and I have not managed to update you guys! We are slackers. Truthfully we have been really busy with some exciting things!

First, to sum up our February, we did not get the tax return we anticipated. Our new donor receiving status took a large chunk out of the refund we expected and we only got back seven hundred versus the seven thousand we had hoped for. BUT, do not fret. God is so amazing and He moved in huge ways! We did gain some wonderful new donors through that post and we received a large one time gift anonymously that paid for all of the solar equipment we had yet to purchase. The awesome God we serve never fails us. In a year of getting donations, we have been able to pay for $15,000 in solar equipment, visit Sierra Leone and secure some needs like doctors, purchase our very own container to ship everything in, and place a years rent on our home in Sierra Leone!

Speaking of which, do you all wanna see our home?! IMG_2276

Here it is!!  Its wonderful inside and out!!

We have never been so close to leaving! The very last purchases we have are to ship our container from our home in America over the Atlantic to the port in Freetown, Sierra Leone. This trip will cost $6,500. After it arrives in port, we need to then send it to our backyard of our new house in Waterloo Village, Sierra Leone. Shockingly (and this is typical for Africa so maybe not so shockingly) it costs another $6,000 for that transport.  Once this happens we are paying for vaccinations and plane tickets and we will be in our new home! Its amazing how far God has brought our family.

We still need $800 more in monthly gifts, but we are going to go with or without all the funding we require because God provides. He has done it so many times.

We were a little discouraged at first we didn’t meet the goal we set out to achieve in February. The thing is, more and more, we know that all things are a blessing. Wether we see them for a praise or not at the time its happening, its truly for our own good. We know there is a reason we are still here. We have been able to see God moving in all things. The reality is that to make a giant life changing move to another continent you need to be able to trust God. We can say we trust Him, but there is often a back up plan or a just in case scenario preplanned by ourselves. We don’t have that. Its all in, no turning back, complete reliance on Christ. We wouldn’t be able to do this if He hadn’t brought us through some insanely difficult situations with divine goodness that comes only from Him. So, seeing as how God knows best, better than we ever could, we are content to be exactly where God has placed us.

More exciting news is that we are no longer waiting for the next step. We had an amazing friend of ours ask what was keeping us here. When we explained it was $12,000 to ship our possessions, she prayed and thought it over. Then God told her to help us have a fundraiser. In fact, God told her it will be easy. God is so awesome to intervene on our behalf in other peoples thoughts and lives.

The fundraiser is Friday, July 11th at 5pm here in our hometown of Athens. It will be in the park building and we are selling some great food, having an auction with some amazing donated items from overwhelmingly  generous people, and a trivia contest with a cash prize. We want everyone to come, including you if you can!  click here to find out more!

We fully trust God to do exactly what He wills for our life, and we don’t want anything outside of His perfect plan. When God says He will provide, we know He will. This is an extraordinary time in our lives. We are waiting to go.  In the meantime we are still going to serve, and bless as many people as possible, and to praise God because He never stops working in us and for us and through us.

Please be in prayer over our fundraiser, and for all the people who will come. Pray for Gods will in our lives. We praise God for you and your love for our family! We will update in July and tell you our good news 🙂

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