We need to move.

We have been in Sierra Leone for just shy of a year. What an amazing year. We have grown and learned. We have been broken and pieced back together. We have been changed forever. And now we need to move.

When we first moved here, we traveled over 6,000 miles to get to this place we call home. Our next move will be about 20 miles. You see, all the things we are doing are in Brigitte Village. The orphanage kids we care for are there and the Lifegate head quarters church is there. The construction work Tyler is tasked with is centrally located there. In essence, its the hub of the ministry.

The home we have in Newton village has been great. It has a nice big yard, nearby markets for day to day needs, and it was secluded enough to give us time to acclimate to this new life. Now that we have gotten comfortable and have been able to pinpoint what we are called here for specifically, we became aware of how much we needed to move. We knew we needed to see the kids every day and be within walking distance for emergencies. We know that we belong there with our new family. However, we had no idea when or how that move would happen.

About 4 months ago, when Ty and I really started to see this move as a need, our current landlord contacted us and explained he was planning to sell our house. Simply put, we have to move. That just affirmed to Ty and I what we already felt in our hearts. Early into our time here in Sierra Leone we noticed a house that was at the bottom of the hill and across the street from the orphanage. We loved that is was a 2 minute walk to the orphanage and joked “thats where we need to move”, assuming that the house was occupied and not for rent.

We began talking with our friends and loved ones in Brigitte village about finding a home there for our family. They urged us to check out the very house we dreamed of living in. We immediately fell in love. The pros are incredible. Its actually two houses. The front  house is perfect for our family with room for the kids to come over and play. The back house is a  guest house with two bedrooms, a bathroom, comfortable living room, and a small kitchen. Its perfect for hosting visitors and mission teams while allowing them their own space.

We have a deadline to move in the next couple months. We have to leave this house when our rent is up so the current owner can sell it. We are so eager to move forward in our work here, and be as close to the kids as possible. We are excited to walk two minutes instead of drive for 45. We are asking for your help. In Sierra Leone, you pay rent by the year, not by the month.We have a chunk of money that we are required to pay before moving in, and we need help coming up with it. We have amazing monthly donors who provide us with our day to day needs, but as this was an unforeseen need, we have no budget to pay for this new home. Please consider giving a one time gift to help us move. No amount is too small. If you have thought about giving before but do not want the commitment of a regular partnership, please consider giving a gift towards this need. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare; Lifegate’s director of partnerships, Chance Newingham, and his wife, Ginger, made a video called “Moving the millers”  to help share the need.  Its explains a bit more and shows a bit of our life here!

Lastly, if you want to give now, please click here. In the memo box write “moving the millers”. We so appreciate you, your prayers and your help.

4 thoughts on “We need to move.

    • Hi Jennifer! Good to hear from you. I’m sorry I forgot to include that. Each year of rent is $2,100. We are required by the landlord to pay for two years at one time. This will allow her to finish tiling the house and place a security wall up. So we are in need of $4,200 now but it will allow us to live there for two years without a need of funds.
      Thanks for asking and for checking in. God bless you!

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