Amazing kids

As you all know, our Lifegate Children’s Home has grown by 6 kids.We have grown in love and in joy and in happiness, too. These kids are simply amazing and we are thrilled to have them join our family. We still need sponsors for 5 of them though, and we are asking you to consider helping. Read this post and share it with your church, your small group, your co-workers. You can sponsor a child collectively with others or just with your family. You can sponsor the full amount needed per month, or any denomination otherwise. There is no wrong amount to give, nothing too small. The blessing about sponsoring one of our kids is that I personally know and love all these kids. I will send you updates and pictures, and you can even come visit if you want. These kids are real, the need is real, and as their “Momma” I am asking you to make a sacrifice for them. They appreciate it more than you will ever know.


Alfred Samba and his little brother Andrew Samba have been through a lot in their short lives. Their father died when they were 7 and 3 respectively. People here are exposed to lots of different illnesses, which are not life threatening unless you simply can not afford treatment. Alfred’s dad could not afford medical care needed and he died. Shortly after his passing, their mother also fell ill and passed. With nobody to care for them, Alfred was sent to live with his dads only sister. While caring for him, she went out to harvest some cassava leaf to feed them and to sell when she was bitten by a snake. She died 3 days after. Alfred then was sent to live with his younger brother, Andrew, who was being cared for by their blind uncle. He could not care for these boys and asked our organization to help. They both now live at the Lifegate Children’s Home. Andrew has been fully sponsored, praise God, but Alfred is still without full sponsorship. He needs $70 a month to take care of his meals, clothing, medical needs, schooling and daily care. He’s 11 years old, and very sweet. He craves hugs and affection and we are so thrilled to meet that need. Please consider helping us meet his other needs.


Musa Bengeh lost his father, Salieu Bengeh to sickness, like most of the orphaned kids in Sierra Leone. His father was a hardworking man who did his best to provide for his family. After Salieu passed, Musas mom Kadiatu was left to care for her son alone. She got very sick and had a stroke, leaving her completely unable to care for Musa. The doctors predict she does not have long to live, sadly. Musa has living grandparents but they can not afford to care for him either and have asked Lifegate Children’s Home to step in and help. He’s now living at the home and he is doing so well! He is a soft spoken twelve year old boy who loves to laugh. We are so happy have him in our family, but we need help meeting his daily needs. He still needs $40 in monthly sponsorship. We ask you to please consider helping Musa.


Eddie Johnnymore is a 6 year old boy from a small village called Kpangbama. His mother got pregnant with Eddie when she was young and his biological father abandoned he and his mother. His mom, Abie, tried her best to take care of Eddie, but she got very sick and passed away. With nobody to care of Eddie, he was given to Lifegate Children’s Home. We are so sad for this sweet little guy’s past, but we praise God that He redeems and restores. Eddie is so happy and loves his new home and family. We are thankful to love and care for him. We still need monthly support for Eddie, though. He still lacks $20 a month for his food, clothing, schooling, and medical needs. We know he has a bright future and we ask you to consider investing in it!


Fatmata Jalloh is a bright, sweet 13 year old girl born into a rough life. Her mom, Amie Jalloh, had dreams but was her parents were very poor. They forced her to marry a man named Ali Jalloh because he was wealthy. Alie had many wives besides Amie and the situation was not good. Amie was abused by the other wives. Ali, Fatmata’s dad, got sick and died, and Amie was left without a place to live and no means to take care of Fatmata. She asked Lifegate Children’s Home to care for her daughter. Fatmata has really changed just in the short weeks she has been with us. She is less shy and more outgoing, and she loves having sisters in the home to talk to. Her previous situation left her ostracized and abused, and now she can have a normal life and be treated with love. Fatmata still needs the full $90 in sponsorship to meet her needs. We are asking you to please consider helping. Recently she drew a picture for her future sponsors and she wrote “I love you” on it. She is grateful for her new start. Please help us help her.


Mabinty Turay is a brilliant 13 year old girl. She amazes me with her intelligence and kindness. She is from Bunga Wharf which is named after the sweet bunga fish that is caught there in the village right off the ocean coast. Mabinty’s father, Allusine Turay, was Bunga Wharf’s headman. As a result, he took several wives, one of which was Mabinty’s mom. Mabinty’s mom became sick and passed away. Shortly after, Mabinty’s father, Allusine, became very ill and he is not able to care for his family. This resulted in Mabinty being left to be cared for by one of her step-moms. Sadly, in this culture, step children are often mistreated to inhumane degrees. Mabinty was beaten, locked out of her house, and starved. We have brought her into the Lifegate Children’s Home to live and be cared for. She is getting enough to eat now and she will be able to attend school. She still needs the full $90 in monthly support. We are so grateful she’s in our home and in our family. We love her and we want to see her life be great. Please consider helping!

Screen shot 2016-09-13 at 2.34.26 PM.png

A group shot of our 17 kiddos. This is truly a family and we ask for you to help us by blessing these kids.

You can find out about sponsorship by emailing us at or going to our site and contacting us from there, where you can call or email our director of partnerships,Chance Newingham. If you are ready to start donating, follow this link: .We look forward to hearing from you!

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