A Challenge!

You guys! I am so excited/ overwhelmed/ blown away… Did I mention how awesome God is? He’s amazing!

We recently posted how close God has gotten us to having enough- enough to get our container to Africa! Today we were blessed with a gift from an amazing person who wishes to remain anonymous. This person gave us half of what we need with the request that we challenge all of you supporters to match the other half. We were gifted $1,900! All that stops us from having the funds to ship our container and have it sitting in our back yard in Sierra Leone is $1,900! How amazing is that?!

So, you have followed with us over these 3 years in prayer, financial gift, and supportive love. Don’t you wanna get rid of us yet? haha! Seriously, God can do this through you! Will you please help us with this?

We are praying for you and praising God for you!

Please contact Tyler or Sarah if you wish to donate. You can get ahold of us through phone or email: millersinafrica@gmail.com

May God bless you and we thank you for all you do to bless us!

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