Almost Home…

To all of our amazing prayer warriors, supporters and blog readers we want to tell you thank you! You all have been amazing in this time of transition and wait.

Since we last updated you all, the ebola outbreak counts have decreased in Sierra Leone, our friends and ministry partners Rick and Paula Miller have returned to the country to continue the work, and we have really felt God moving us forward. We truly believe even more now that we are meant to go. Before, we needed to be willing but the timing wasn’t right. As I mentioned earlier, Our Great God was protecting us. The call to serve in Sierra Leone has always been there but we needed to prepare spiritually and mentally. In Matthew 26:41 Jesus says “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”. I feel like this applies to the last 3 years for our family. We have been willing but we lacked things God needed to gift us and teach us in order to be ready to serve. We have learned to rely and trust in God and His timing beyond what we or anyone else may say. Its hard to persevere in what you believe is right when others try to convince you otherwise, or stop supporting you. Its really hard to wait on God sometimes. I am so glad that He sees all and knows all. How much we have relied on Him in these recent months, especially!

As time has passed from winter into spring, we have been encouraged and uplifted by the things God has done. However, we have felt unsettled in the wait lately and wanted God to tell us what He would have us do. I was up praying about it early one morning as I couldn’t sleep. That was rare in itself because with three energetic little boys, I typically go down like a rock. In my prayer I asked God to reveal what was the next step and I immediately heard Him say to me “just write and ask”. Now, you need to know I hate everything about fundraising. It shouldn’t have the word “fun” in there at all. Its a weakness of ours and we don’t like (hate!) doing it, so admittedly I put it off. A month passed and Ty was praying the same prayer I had that night. He heard God say “write the letters”. We did reluctantly, but wrote them with sincerity and decided to let God do what He willed. The letters were sent in March and through them, and through God speaking to some amazing givers on our behalf, He blessed us with five thousand dollars! We want to praise Him for the way He constantly provides and thank you all for the blessings you pour out to us. We today only need $4,000 to ship our container. We have never been this close! We really feel like God is opening up the flood gates so to speak and that we will soon have enough to leave.

God continues to show up. We have been blessed to have Him walk with us, and sometimes carry us, through these past 3 years of willingness, longing, and learning. He has been the reason for all that we have and all we do. We have faith that this is the year. If you have felt called to help in any way we are asking that you would please donate toward this last little bit to get us on our way to where we are called. We are willing and able. God has provided $50,000 thus far for a house, a container, all the things we needed to fill it, and the enough to ship it there! We are down to the last $4,000 needed to get it out of port in Freetown, Sierra Leone and into our backyard. Any amount will bless us and help immensely (if you want to know how, simply click the “donate” tab at the top and it will direct you). Lastly, I ask for your prayers. Pray for enough funds so we can move at the perfect time, pray for our safety, pray for our spiritual walk so we can Glorify God with everything we do, and pray for hearts to be open and ready to receive the blessing of Christ.

We thank you all so much for blessing us in so many ways! We pray for you all and love you so much!

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