How To Donate

We are volunteers to Hope Orphan Home. Hope Orphan Home is a 501c3, and can process all of your donations with tax deduction information every year. To give a gift to allow our family to continue serving Hope Orphan Home in Sierra Leone, west Africa, please go to, select donate, and choose “Miller Family” from the drop down menu. We are so grateful for your help!

God bless you and yours,

-The Millers

Please click here to be directed to our donation site.  Select “Miller Family” from the drop down menu. It will help you choose the amount, whether it is reoccurring or one time etc.

One thought on “How To Donate

  1. Hey Guys,

    Hope all is going well in the efforts to raise funds!

    I have some people from our congregation, who are a little older, who would like to donate, but won’t be able to make it Friday and aren’t internet savvy, and wanted to send money to help you guys out.

    Is there an address I could give them so they could make a contribution?

    Also, I won’t be able to attend on the 11th, I forgot I’m off that day to go to Pennsylvania with my wife’s family to see her grandparents and family out east.

    I am pushing hard to make sure we do have somebody come over for it!

    God bless, take care!

    Ed Cross

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