How To Donate

We are affiliated with World Outreach Ministries.  They handle all of the donations that come in and take a 10-15% portion of each gift to pay for their services..  This provides us with a third party to keep track of all financial records and also tax information for both us and donors.  They have several different ways to donate to our ministry and further our work in Sierra Leone, west Africa.  You just choose Tyler and Sarah Miller as the missionaries to support on  DONATE and then follow the rest of the prompts. We do not earn a wage, but instead remy on donors to provide for our family to serve here as we do. Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity.

God bless you and yours,

-The Millers

Please click here to be directed to our donation site.  If you follow the prompts, it will walk you through one time gifts or a monthly donation. WE cant thank you enough for helping us do what we do!

One thought on “How To Donate

  1. Hey Guys,

    Hope all is going well in the efforts to raise funds!

    I have some people from our congregation, who are a little older, who would like to donate, but won’t be able to make it Friday and aren’t internet savvy, and wanted to send money to help you guys out.

    Is there an address I could give them so they could make a contribution?

    Also, I won’t be able to attend on the 11th, I forgot I’m off that day to go to Pennsylvania with my wife’s family to see her grandparents and family out east.

    I am pushing hard to make sure we do have somebody come over for it!

    God bless, take care!

    Ed Cross

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