First 24 hours in

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I wanted to write often to let you all know what moving to another part of the world honestly looks like. Just real truths. We started off by telling everyone we love goodbye. It was the worst. Our parents and friends all gathered together to wish us well and see us go. It was painful but so good to have that chance to live on them. We feel very loved! my parents were there too but they are slower to share pictures with me and I have none to post here just yet. I didn’t sleep the night before we left. A mix of anticipation and sadness. Doing what is Gods will doesn’t mean it’s easy. The first flight to Chicago went great. The boys flew fabulously. They got their final McDonald’s meal and played with the people movers while we waited. After that we headed on to Belgium. It has been a culture shock to the boys. We are spending two days here and will leave Sunday morning. We are exhausted and just needed some real sleep in a bed so I’m glad we pre planned this stay here. The boys are all doing so well. We’ve had emotional moments but we all know that we’re together and that God has us. Pray for us as some of us are fighting head colds. we’re ready to be home in Africa. It’s a lot of changes but it will be good to be where we know people again and where we’ve felt Gods calling. tomorrow when we’ve all had sleep and feel more like ourselves we plan to sight see some and swim in the hotel pool. Thanks for your love and prayers. They are felt and heard!

*Please excuse the odd pictures. I’m having to use my phone and its wonky.

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