When are you leaving?

I have been understandably asked several times lately when our big move will take place. The goal was to be gone September 30th.

The truth is: That is not a possibility anymore, much to our disappointment. We’ve really had to trust God and His perfect timing. We know we’re called to Sierra Leone, and there is an end in sight. We know we are closer and closer every day. But for now we are still here… in our comfy lives… waiting… some days, not so patiently.

One thing we have been very careful about is not overtly discussing the financial needs we have. We have been careful to not do Gods job for Him. Ty once read an amazing story about a missionary named George Muller, who was called by God to care for orphans. Muller willingly submitted to the calling, but decided to completely rely on God for everything.  He never asked ANYONE for funds. He relied on God to convict people to give.  George simply made the needs known and let God work. In the years he spent overseeing Gods orphanage, he helped thousands upon thousands of children. There were several times when he saw an empty cupboard and hungry children. So he kneeled in fervent prayer. And, several times there was a knock on the door from a helping group of Gods people, carrying loads of food.

God compells His people to help.

So, we are taking God at His words to Abram, that if we follow and trust Him to wherever He leads, we will be richly blessed.

Some of you reading this may feel compelled to give. Others to pray. I ask that you will respond to that feeling.

I will make our needs known and leave it with that.

In order to move in 3 months from now we need the following things:

A shipping container sent with our belongings. This will carry our furniture, food, medical supplies, solar panels, generators, and such means to have electricity, clean water, and familiar things for our boys. This will cost around $14,000.

Plane tickets for our family of 5 to make it to the west coast of Africa, our home. This will cost about $5,000.

Money for vaccines, passports and visas for our three sons. This will cost around $3,500.

In addition to these up front costs we have been praying for monthly donors so we can live as unpaid missionaries. We are not working for anyone therefore there is no paycheck involved, but willing people who believe in sharing the Gospel to all people can help us make ends meet. To be able to pay rent, have food for our family, money for medical needs that arise and funds to bless the people of Sierra Leone in the name of Jesus, we have an estimated need of around $4,000 a month.

We want to be completely transparent with those who give. I can tell you now we have a handful of amazing, loving donors who give to us without hesitation. They came to us, asked to help, and have been an amazing blessing to us. We have been saving the money we are given to help us go. We are currently 25% funded because of their generosity. Today, we have $4,393 in our savings because of your kindness. Thank you sincerely to you who donate and pray. We are blessed immeasurably by you!

To leave, we must first send the shipping container. That will take 3 months to arrive. Then we will buy the plane tickets and other things.

I have shared the need. I trust God to lead His people to help. We are excited to go and serve in Africa. We know we will get there. We are willing to go without being fully funded. We won’t wait idly by because we don’t have every need met. Thats not worth any persons potential salvation.

So, are you being called to help? Any gift is a blessing. A dollar a day, $30 a month? A one time gift of $20? A promise to pray every day for God to use us in His way?

We need Gods people to come forward and help. We are thankful and we are praising God for all of you who took the time to read this and made aware of our needs.

I will end this post with this: written down, the amounts seem overwhelming. It seems like an impossible feat. However, with God all things are possible. Many hands make light work, and many believers supporting God’s mission work through us can do great things.

God, we ask for Your will alone. We ask for You to help us through Your people.

To our readers, we love you and we are praying for you!

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