A valentines day blessing

Our blog is usually about our move to Africa.  This post deals with Africa, but its not about our family 🙂

Meet Tony and Emily Gould:
Our wonderful friends Tony and Emily Gould are in the process of adopting not one… but TWO, beautiful little girls from Africa.  Their story is one of intense, wisdom-seeking prayer and devotion to living out the Gospel in a life-altering way.
Tony and Emily first learned of a little girl in East Africa who needed a family. They felt that God was telling them that she was to be their little girl.  So the Gould’s began the long, paperwork-ridden process of bringing her into their family. While learning about their daughter’s life in Africa, they felt an urging to ask more about her family.  It was then that they discovered she had an older sister.  It was immediately obvious to the Gould’s that God was urging them to adopt these sweet girls together.  And so, their family-of-two, doubled in size.
As you may know, adoption is an amazing blessing for everyone involved.  In a perfect world there would be no orphans, but unfortunately there are millions upon millions and as christians, we are told to be an active member in relieving the plight of those who have been orphaned.  Isaiah 1:17 says that we are called to “defend the cause of the fatherless.”
In scripture, Christ commanded us to love one another. The love Christ was speaking of is not just an emotional attachment, but a love that demands action. If someone has no clothing, shelter, or food, we are commanded to help fill that need.  If a child has no parents, we are commanded to help fill that need. Christian! Don’t ever think you are too small or inadequate. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, one small step at a time. How awesome that God called Tony and Emily to fill the need of these girls, and that they answered their calling.
In case you have never looked into the process of adoption, nowadays it requires truckloads of cash.  It takes a LOT of time, a LOT of faith, a LOT energy, and oh yes.. A LOT of money. Now double that. Because the Gould’s are doing it times two.  They have come so far in the process and now they are asking family, friends, and you, to help.  Remember when I said: “we are commanded to help fill that need”?  Well, This is how you can help.
They need to raise $6,500.
Now, I know nobody reading this is made of money. And I know times are tight for many. I know it’s a struggle for many, us included, to simply make ends meet, but valentines day is right around the corner.  Most people will end up buying cards, candy, flowers, and other various items to show those special to them that they care. Gifts of love. And most of those gifts won’t last forever.
So, the Miller’s are issuing a challenge to you. We are asking you to donate, one time only, $14 for valentines day.  In the name of love… perfect, beautiful, selfless, Christ-like love. This is what love is really about. Love is being willing to do anything and give everything for someone.  Jesus physically demonstrated that love for you so very long ago, and to this day, still loves you like that.  And I know if you’re a parent, you’d do anything for the children you love.  Family has nothing at all to do with genetics… Love is what makes a family. In that love, Tony and Emily are trying to bring their family together.
We ask that you would prayerfully consider making this small donation today.  It all helps.  It all and adds up.  The donations Tony and Emily receive will help buy their very expensive plane tickets so they can get to their girls and then all fly home… as a family.
Tony and Emily’s daughters are 2 and 8, respectively.  They have already missed out on that many years of bedtime kisses and good morning hugs. We are so blessed to be able to have our children near.  I pray that we wouldn’t take that for granted. I pray that if you feel compelled or called, that you would help the Goulds get to their daughters and bring them home so they don’t have to miss another moment.  And most important of all, pray for them!
The Goulds are doing an amazing thing by adopting these little girls who have gone without the love of a mom and a dad.  I’m sure that Tony and Emily are the ones who feel blessed.  Every child deserves to be loved and wanted.  Every child is a gift from God.  Whether you’re called to adopt personally or aid others in bringing home their children, adoption is something we are all called to.
The following is a link to Tony and Emily’s co-written blog so you can read about their amazing story!
Thank you so much for reading our blog and  praying over our journey as a family. I ask you to pray over Tony and Emily and their family. The Goulds are trusting God to lead people to help them get through this final hurdle in a long race.  We feel blessed and excited to watch God work.  Thank you for your donations and for showing this family your love!
God bless you and yours,
-The Millers-

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