And now it starts…

Last night we had our first fundraising meeting!  Sarah and I went with our best friends Chance and Ginger Newingham to meet with the Missions Committee of Athens Christian Church.

We told them exactly what our plans were.  

We told them that we are confident this is where the Lord is leading.

We told them how we will serve the people.

We told them how we will glorify our God.

Then came the waiting…and waiting…and then…some more waiting.  They reached a decision last night. This morning, Sarah and I found out that we have our first official financial partner!  After we picked ourselves up off of the floor, we said a very passionate prayer of thanksgiving and danced around the house for awhile.  Now, here comes the fantastic part; with their monthly donation, we have approximately 10% of the monthly funding needed to be full-time missionaries!  Praise God!  He is so big and ALWAYS paves the way for those who answer the call.  We love you all so much and ask you to continue to pray for us through all the months and years to come.  

We serve the one-and-only God, who deserves all the Glory!

-The Millers

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