A little info about us.

Hello, and welcome to MillersInAfrica.com. We truly appreciate your interest in our ministry.

We are the Millers, and just in case you don’t really know us, here is a bit of information.

My name is Tyler, and I will be handling the website.  My wife is an incredible woman named Sarah, and she was kind enough to say, “I do”, in April of 2005.  Since that time, God has blessed us with three boys, Connor-5, Finn-3, and Sullivan-1. We live in a small town in central Illinois called New Holland. I am a union carpenter and Sarah is a full-time Mom.  We are Bible-believing Christians that feel called to share the love of Christ with all people, from every nation. Our family is very excited (hence the webpage) about the next chapter in our lives.

Sarah and I believe that God has called us to serve in a small village located in Sierra Leone, Africa.  We feel that the Lord has been preparing our hearts and souls for years to be able to take on this ministry.  Next year, we’ll be  joining a missionary family that has been working in Sierra Leone since 2006; preaching, evangelizing and loving people in Brigitte Village.  I went to Brigitte in early December of 2011 and knew that God was calling us as a family to help with the ministry.

For Sarah, her work in the village will focus on caring for children who have been orphaned.  I will be teaching in a school where men and women will take courses to become a Christian pastor. These students will also learn a trade to support themselves while in the field ministering. I will be the instructor of the basic carpentry course in the trade school.

We have just recently finished work on our booklets that we will be using for fundraising, and will hopefully be sending them out shortly.  I’m also hoping that I will be able to have a downloadable digital booklet that we will be able to post here.  We will have videos uploaded soon that will better explain who we are and what we are going to do too.  Our family asks you to please be praying for us as we enter into this process of becoming missionaries.  Thank you so very much for your time.  Please subscribe.  I promise to try to have regular updates about where we are in our financial goal and in preparation for leaving.

Thank you and God bless.

-The Millers

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